Sierra Leone, Malawi, DR Congo, Kenya, UKIn Tune for LifeIn Tune for Life (ITFL) ( is a not-for-profit project helping musicians and others around the world improve the health of impoverished communities via their own material. Creating networks between artists, credible NGOs and corporate bodies that help improve health and encourage social empowerment, ITFL focusses on innovation in the use of audio and visual media in poor countries. Music, video, animations and other health promotion resources are created that become free resources in their communities and countries of origin.
Burundi, DR Congo, Kenya, South Africa, South Sudan & UgandaEmerge Poverty FreeEmerge poverty free (EPF) is an international non-governmental organisation, founded in 1995, that operates across 10 countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. EPF seeks to empower people to fight poverty themselves; giving people the tools, knowledge and support they need to fight poverty. EPF believes that people can lift themselves out of poverty, given the right skills and resources, which will enable them to build resilient, dignified lives that, are independent of aid. - Contact Details: Francesca D Purcell on +44 (0) 20 7839 3854 or email