Malema on Land Seizure, This Week In Pretoria

Friday, 27 September, 2013

Quotes from Julius Malema on land seizure this week:

"We know once we take this land forcefully, they will use the economy to fight us."

"That has to change. If you take the land, you take everything that comes with it. You take the seed. It won't be the Indian Ocean in Africa, it will be the African ocean."

"No white men must leave their land because they are forced. You're our brothers, but we can't have greedy brothers. We want a peaceful process. Those who have taken our land must not be arrogant." 

"Anger is boiling inside. One day, people will rise and claim the land and it will not be controllable."

Representatives for the SA Student Congress then tried to disrupt the speech, which took place outside the Theo van Wijk building at the University of SA (Unisa) in Pretoria, after management denied him and his supporters access to the hall.