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Wednesday, 3 December, 2014

We'll be running these regularly for the time being - the link to the most recent edition of the excellent daily Ebola Digest. Today's article image is a table of cases and deaths per country correct as of yesterday.

There's a huge amount of info in this excellent daily resource and we suggest you check out the source. In the meantime we've reproduced the country-specific section of their news digest below, in the hope it may be of particular interest and use to our readers.

That link again:



Senegalese expert appointed Ebola front man in Guinea

Abdou Dieng, a Senegalese economist by training has been chosen to manage the Ebola crisis response effort in Guinea.Dieng replaces Marcel Rudasingwa from Rwanda, who died recently in a hotel room in Conakry. Chief Humanitarian Coordinator in the Central African Republic (CAR) from December 2013 to May 2014, Mr. Dieng will join the UN Mission [...   


Liberia's chief medic urges Ebola survivors to avoid sex for 90 days

Liberia's deputy health minister Dr. Bernice Dahn has urged male Ebola survivors to abide by the health measures to stay away from sex for 90 days after being discharged from hospital. Addressing a local radio talk show in Monrovia on Tuesday, Dr. Dahn observed that Liberia is at a stage where every Liberian needs to [...]   

Medical Practitioner Warns Liberians Against Complacency On Ebola

An American Physician and Epidemiologist, Dr. Kevin de Kock, says the greatest danger that Liberia is faced with is the fight against the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) and complacency on the part of the public. Dr. de Kock who commended Liberians, the ;...

World Bank Group President Jim Kim Arrives in Liberia Tuesday

World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim arrives in Liberia on Tuesday, December 2, 2014 to further strengthen the Bank's continuing response to the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), a statement from the World Bank office in Liberia has indicated. According to the statement, Dr. Kim will meet President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and senior officials of the Liberian Government.

U.S. Asst. Sec. of State Paying Assessment Visit to Liberia

United States Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield at the head of a 10- member delegation arrives in Liberia Tuesday night, December 2, 2014 for a three -day visit to assess the current state of Liberia's fight against the Ebola Virus Disease, specifically US support to the fight.

Four Prisons Get Anti-Ebola Supplies

Four Prisons Get Anti-Ebola Supplies The Child Justice Section (CJS) of the Ministry of Justice in partnership with UNICEF-Liberia has formally launched a Prison Ebola Response project and donated several anti-Ebola items to four prisons across the country. According to CJS, this is part of ;...   

EVD Outbreak - Emergency Appeal n° MDRLR001 operations update

The first confirmed cases of Ebola in Liberia were announced in March 2014 and appeared under control with 12 cases. Then, in June 2014, a second wave of the outbreak began spreading in Lofa and Montesserado counties. Since then, the Ebola virus has continued to spread in the country with an increasing number of cases in the capital, Monrovia. The Liberian Red Cross (LNRCS) requested support from IFRC. The resulting international emergency appeal has been expanded several times, as the severity of the epidemic has increased.    


Ebola fight shifts to Mali

Ebola fight shifts to Mali The focus of efforts to stop the spread of the Ebola virus has broadened to the west African state of Mali. The country has had seven confirmed cases so far, but the UN emergency mission for Ebola has just launched an operation there. Millions of dollars in aid ;...

Sierra Leone   

Sierra Leone: Operations Overview as of 1 December 2014

The following coordination services are being provided to mitigate any duplication of efforts by humanitarian actors and maximize the use of available logistics assets and resources: Weekly coordination meetings held in Freetown, 12 meetings held to date; UNMEER Field Crisis Managers (FCMs) deployed this week to: Bo, Bombali, Moyamba, Port Loko, and Western Area, Tonkolili, and Koinadugu ? WFP Forward Logistics Base (FLB) Managers cordinating with FCMs; Coordination with organisations at weekly supply chain working groups; Coordination with WHO, UNICEF, DfID, and UNMEER on mapping of all in-country Ebola Treatment Units (ETUs) and Community Care Centre (CCCs);

S.Leone drives slight rise in Ebola death

More than 6,000 people have died from Ebola in the three hardest hit countries in west Africa, a slight rise driven by an increase in cases in Sierra Leone, the World Health Organization said Tuesday. The WHO reported a total of 6,055 deaths in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone since the beginning of the outbreak, up from 5,987 a few days earlier. The death toll elsewhere remains the same -- six in Mali, one in the United States, and eight in Nigeria, which was declared Ebola-free in October. Across the eight countries affected -- including Spain and Senegal, which have both now been declared Ebola free -- there have been 6,070 deaths and 17,145 cases.  

Sierra Leone widens Ebola quarantine

Ebola-hit Sierra Leone has quarantined hundreds of thousands more citizens, it said Tuesday, sealing off a sixth district, with more than half of the country's population already under lockdown.

S/Leone Ebola point man criticises UK response

The Chief Executive Officer of Sierra Leone's National Ebola Response Center (NERC) has been quoted for the first time acknowledging mistakes at the controversial new Ebola treatment center in Freetown built by Britain.Retired Major Alfred Paolo Conte criticised the UK for handing over the Kerry Town Treatment Center to Save the Children which he said [...]

Sierra Leone: Locking Ebola Out of Sierra Leone Jails

It is next to impossible to avoid physical contact in an overcrowded prison. In Sierra Leone, heavily congested jails and a worsening Ebola outbreak make a potentially lethal combination. So how do you keep inmates safe?   

Ebola Outbreak: Location & Status of Ebola Treatment Units and Cumulative Case Totals for each District (as of 01 Dec 2014)

Government of Sierra Leone, MapAction, UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response Country: Sierra Leone   

Sierra Leone: Ebola Outbreak - Cumulative Cases and New Cases in last 21, 14 and 7 days (to 01 Dec 2014)

Government of Sierra Leone, MapAction, UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response Country: Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone: Contact tracers rush to contain Ebola in Sierra Leone

Faced with an outbreak which has killed almost 1,500 people, Sierra Leone is relying heavily on investigators to hunt down Ebola wherever it breaks out, stopping it in its tracks before it can spread. Victims have barely been carried off before the questions begin: "How many people live here? Have you travelled recently or attended funerals?" The teams of interrogators, known as "contact tracers", are mainly volunteers with immunity after surviving the virus. They race to follow alerts across the west African country. In Mabella, an impoverished and densely populated township of tin shacks in the capital Freetown, the inhabitants nervously watch contact tracer Hawa. Just under 90 men, women and children are crammed into this squalid community, with no sanitation and sharing a single toilet and the same fetid air.