ESG consultancy launches service re conflict risk in Myanmar

Wednesday, 21 May, 2014

By way of a heads up: EIRIS, a social enterprise dedicated to the provision of environmental, social, governance (ESG) research for responsible investors, has just released a new service enabling investors to manage conflict-related investment risks in Burma/Myanmar.

EIRIS sets out to “empower responsible investors with independent assessments of companies’ ESG performance and advice on integrating them 
with investment decisions”. In a recent press release coinciding with last week’s first anniversary of the U.S. Government’s Burma Responsible Investment Reporting Requirements, EIRIS Conflict Risk Network launched Investment Watch: Burma/Myanmar.

This service “is designed to help investors make sound judgements about how companies are managing the conflict risks related to doing business in Burma/Myanmar,” and coincides with the recent announcement that the US Government’s national emergency with respect to Burma will continue. 

 Find out more with the full release, here. Other investment advisory services are of course available!