World Bank Shake Up

Tuesday, 6 August, 2013

Following a Bloomberg article it appears World Bank President Jim Yong Kim is having a shake up of the organisation, beginning with two senior directors leaving. The purpose of the reorganisations goals are not cler at present but scanning comment the new development buzzword “Impact” seems to be prevalent in WB chat. Shifting development organisations away from bureaucracy and management towards those with the skills to “impact” change at development level will be probably the on trend theme of what the President is attempting.

The Centre for Global Development Comments:

“We and others have suggested that the World Bank’s biggest failing has been to judge its performance by how much it lends rather than how much its clients achieve.  We have also argued that the Bank should do much more to finance and catalyze regional and global public goods to address issues such as climate change, agricultural productivity, and disease surveillance. Will the reorganization facilitate such changes?”

Image courtesy of the World Bank - World Bank President Jim Yong Kim