USAID $22m on Strengthening Somalia

Wednesday, 10 December, 2014

USAID on Strengthening Somalia

USAID has announced a $22m initiative, roadmap etc on attempting to strengthen the failed states failed state, Somalia.

‘Activity goals’ (like goals but you actually do them?) include:

-Improve the legislative, representative, and oversight functions of Somalia’s federal and state governments

  • Improve the ability of targeted government institutions to perform essential functions

-Increase citizen awareness of and engagement in government decision-making

-Benchmark for success might be to make Somalia less broken than Venezuela in the next 12 months.


“SSG began in late September 2014 and initiated project activities in November 2014.

With support from the SSG activity, USAID anticipates that the Federal Parliament will be able to draft and amend key legislation such as the National Independent Commission Law, the Political Parties Act, the Citizenship Law, the Electoral Law, and the Procurement Law. In addition, the Federal Parliament will be able to effectively support oversight committees in providing guidance to the Constitutional Commissions, the National Independent Electoral Commission, and the Federal Borders and Boundaries Commission.

By supporting regional and federal parliaments and key ministries to carry out their essential day-to-day functions, USAID anticipates that SSG will increase government effectiveness and citizen and civil society participation in government decisions. The activity will assist members of parliament to expand their engagement with constituents through town hall meetings and information sharing sessions. In addition, SSG will help civil society actors – with a focus on women – to deepen their involvement in key political processes, such as the constitution referendum and elections.”