A précis of the extractives picture in Ethiopia

Friday, 21 March, 2014

Have a look at this Ethiopian perspective, brought to us through the CSR21 feeds, on the development of that country’s mining sector. Transforming the mining sector in Ethiopia, a piece on Ethiopian news site Tigrai Online by writer Wondaferash Alemu, provides a nice potted history of changes in the sector. Topics covered include:

- An overview of the country’s resource profile
- Some facts and figures on the country’s gold industry - A short history of domestic policy and legislative developments affecting the sector
- A look at the 2010 five-year Growth and Transformation Plan
- Current work of the Ethiopian Geological Survey
- A look at the Mineral and Petroleum Investment Expansion Program and the Artisanal Mining and Marketing Promotion Program
- The role of fertiliser production
- How EITI membership might affect Ethiopia.

The article isn’t a critical analysis and doesn’t provide any searing insights into the state of the nation, but as a précis of where Ethiopia is at it’s useful. It also takes on extra relevance in light of this week’s decision by the EITI to approve Ethiopia’s ‘candidature’ status, a potential step towards full membership of the initiative welcomed yesterday by the country. As times change, and hopefully for the better, this is a useful potted history well worth the ten minutes it takes to read it.