DFID- Delivering More for Less

Monday, 2 September, 2013

DFID- Delivering More for Less

DFID conference report outlining key targets and more cost effective approach to UK aid spending. The conference was held in London on 17th July 2013 and included private sector companies, NGOs and SMEs alongside senior DFID representatives

The following points emerged in summary form the conference, with point one, two and the last being interesting on the role of private sector engagement:

“- There is a shift in emphasis towards wider ‘economic development’ (recognising that this includes but extends beyond ‘private sector development’).

- We can expect greater dialogue and engagement between DFID and the private sector.

- Monitoring and evaluation should be utilised to help shape programmes during the delivery phase.

- A high standard of verified data, clear programme objectives and sophisticated measurement mechanisms are needed to fully exploit the benefits of ‘payment by results’ programmes. The move towards payment by results is positive and will need to be carefully managed given the challenges involved – this is a learning process.

- There is a need for staff to understand both the complexities of international development and the strengths and challenges of the private sector. DFID and private sector partners need to work to understand each other’s perspectives.

- There is potential for development organisations to partner with private sector companies. An example of the extractives industry was given, whereby the potential development impact can differ according to the resource mined/extracted.”


Image courtesy of africa@Freedigitalphotos