South Africa: Marikana report; TB; HIV; and campaigns

A couple of South Africa-oriented pieces here. First up, we learn from Jacob Zuma that the moment we all - well, some of us - have been waiting for is shortly to come. “Jacob Zuma: Marikana mine massacre report to be released by end of June.” 

“Zuma told parliament on Tuesday: “I know and appreciate the anxiety of those who are affected. However, it would be inappropriate for me to just release the report without applying my mind sufficiently.”

Well, good. 

Standard Chartered suspends involvement in controversial coal project - or does it?

After facing significant pressure to disassociate itself from a controversial Australian coal project some widely characterised by naysayers as a 'carbon bomb,’ Standard Chartered bank has said it will ‘go no further’ with the project until it had examined its environmental credentials.

Standard Chartered has been advising Indian outfit Adani on the construction of the Carmichael mine.

North Korea at HK Mines & Money

At Hong Kong Mines & Money 2015 Mr Roger Barrat from Korea Business Consultants talked about the pleasant surprises he has found in North Korea, which in his view is done down by negative perception in the western media. The good news is that it has a disciplined work force, it’s rich and the new leadership is trying to build a new type of economy.  Barrat will be leading several ‘missions’ to Korea this year including to the ‘G2” gold project he is somehow involved in.

Mines & Money Hong Kong Investor Panel

The first investment panel settled in during day one of Mines & Money Hong Kong 2015. When asked: ‘What are the best regions for mining investment?’ these worthies endeared themselves to the Hong Kong/Asian conference by picking districts such as Nevada, Chile and Namibia.

On the subject of negative risk the Philippines and Indonesia were repeatedly brought up as being ‘difficult’ countries to operate in over the last few years, although there is hope from one of the panel that the domestic regimes are ‘learning’.


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