US$210 Ebola Package & a look at miners in effected areas

Thursday, 21 August, 2014

On Monday the The African Development Bank Group (AfDB)  approved a US $60 million grant investment as part of a $210 million package for immediate implementation to help strengthen West Africa’s public health systems in response to the Ebola crisis. We also decided to have a look at a few UK quoted resource companies oeprating in the region to see what they are saying about engaging with the crisis. 

In a statement the AfDB commented:

"The Bank’s Board, traditionally in recess during the month of August, convened an emergency meeting demonstrating the urgency of the situation and the Bank’s commitment to curb this global public health emergency.

“This is one of the most complicated health crises we have ever known. We are not simply dealing with a health problem but with the breakdown of entire health systems in some of the countries in the (West Africa) region,” AfDB President Donald Kaberuka told Executive Directors in Abidjan who participated in the Board meeting through video and telephone link-ups.

This grant is part of a $210 million package which includes $150 million in both loans and grants, along with the $60 million grant, which has been awarded to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) sub-regional Ebola Outbreak Coordinating Center located in Conakry, Guinea, given their extensive experience with global epidemics. The $60 million sum includes four emergency assistance grants of $1 million to each of the four countries affected by Ebola to help them contain the disease.

The $60 million grant is awarded to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) sub-regional Ebola Outbreak Coordinating Center located in Conakry, Guinea, given their extensive experience with global epidemics.

The project will support ongoing efforts to reduce morbidity, mortality from Ebola and help break the chain of transmission of the disease by strengthening sub-regional public health systems. It will support West Africa’s Ebola disease outbreak response plan from August to December 2014.

In the long term (2015-2017) the Bank’s assistance will support overall strengthening of public health systems in West African countries to facilitate early detection and response to potential threats arising from epidemic and pandemic prone diseases. The proposed project critically seeks to respond to the specific needs identified by the expert community in response to this category 3 world emergency epidemic."

Dr. Agnes Soucat, Director for Human Development at the African Development Bank wnet onto say:

“Failure to contain the spread of Ebola is an example of the failure of health systems in Africa, not just the lethal nature of the disease”, said “This is why we are investing in mobile technology deployment (m-health) and building human resources for health.”

CSR21 took a quick look at a number of Regulatory News Service announcements from London quoted companies operating in West Africa to see what they were up to:

London Mining- "Graeme Hossie Chief Executive of London Mining said: "There is no doubt the first half of 2014 has been a challenging one for the iron ore industry, Sierra Leone and indeed London Mining.  We have been resolutely focused on four things - improving liquidity, completing the ramp-up to 5.4Mwmt/a, reducing costs and keeping our employees safe, healthy and protected from the Ebola virus."

Amara - Nothing found

Hummingbird - Nothing found

African Minerals - "The Company continues to closely monitor the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak. Several interventions, principally regarding access control, temperature monitoring, enhanced hygiene, travel restrictions, and community communication and education, have been implemented by the Company, as well as active support for the various emergency and government institutions. No cases have been suspected or confirmed at the Company's sites, and AML continues to operate normally across the mine, plant, rail, port and marine operations. The Company notes that one major airline has suspended flights to and from the region as a result of the outbreak, and it is presently unclear when it will resume normal schedules. AML remains confident that movements of Company personnel can be managed effectively through the remaining international air carriers that continue to operate their services, as well as chartering options via other countries."

West African Minerals- Nothing found
Sierra Rutile- Exstensive release can be foudn here (

"There have been no reported or suspected cases of Ebola, to date, at Sierra Rutile's operations. Notwithstanding, Sierra Rutile has put in place precautionary measures to reduce the risks posed to its employees, contractors and visitors.  These include:


·    Restrictions on travel to affected areas for Sierra Rutile personnel;

·    Limitation on access to Sierra Rutile's sites to non-essential visitors;

·    Screening at Sierra Rutile's operations for early signs of the virus (e.g., raised temperature) is being replicated according to international best practice;

·    Implementation of compulsory chlorinated hand-wash facilities at all entry points to operations and other selected locations (e.g., catering facilities); and

·    Communication to employees and contractors on warning signs and actions if symptoms occur."

Bellzone- Nothing found

Aureus- (extensive release

"..precautionary measures include access control to Aureus' operations, temperature screening, education and collaboration with local villages and village elders, detailed and regular communication with employees, contractors and visitors, heightened medical provisions and medical assistance at the New Liberty medical clinic and travel restrictions."