Potash Ridge, Getting Permits in UTAH

Friday, 15 August, 2014

Potash Ridge Corporation (TSX:PRK) (OTCQX:POTRF) this week announced that it had been issued a permit to mine its Blawn Mountain Project in Utah following conclusion of the states period for mandatory consultation. The Company reports the licence was approved with even: “Multiple letters of support were received and no objections, highlighting the lack of major environmental, social issues and strong support within the community."

Potash Ridge is a Toronto quoted company looking to commission a surface mine to extract alunite at the Blawn Mountain Project in Southern Utah. The Company will look to produce a premium fertilizer called sulphate of potash and a possible alumina rich by-product. The scale of the project will be 645,000 tons of SOP per annum over a 40 year mine life.

Although Utah is quite a ‘pro-mining’ state we asked Potash Ridge how they went about getting their licenses passed. In other words did they just do the mandatory basics  ‘As it’s Utah’ or engage in something a bit more meaningful?

The Company told us that they had actually entered into a fairly comprehensive program of stakeholder engagement early on in the project life. The location of Blawn Mountain is remote and not in the location of any environmentally sensitive areas, which unsurprisingly did make the permitting process easier. But by implementing a long term series of conferences and meeting between those impacted in any way from mining (For instance the local town of Milford in Beaver county), construction and infrastructure Potash Ridge was able to outline the precise specifications of the project, processes and direct economic benefits to the secondary economy. Maybe not a big exciting story but an example of a simple well run process that brings miner together with those pre-existing on the land.