Mining Journal's Top 100 Sustainable Miners

Thursday, 3 July, 2014

Super fast updates today due to the demands of travel. A very useful resource comes online in the form of Mining Journal’s report on the Best Sustainable Mining Companies.  

“The correlation between sustainable development and business fortunes,” they say, “is strong.” 

Also, a revealing pie chart on page one shows that when asked “Where do you believe the greatest threat to the success of your company/the mining industry will be in the next five years?” fully 58 per cent of industry respondents in a poll of over 200 attendees at February’s Indaba in Cape Town responded: “Higher expectations of stakeholders or local communities.”  

Next most important response was “Increasingly stringent government regulation,” with a far smaller 12 per cent.

This stuff is chapter and verse for us: get in and read it.


IMAGE: chart from report