Gold Without Water & Soil Threat?

Friday, 29 August, 2014

Dundee Sustainable Technologies announced its Q1 results today and it might be an interesting company to keep an eye for the rest of the year.

The perception of gold mining as a poisoner of surrounding soil and water is in many cases founded on fact. Use of highly toxic chemicals in leaches and extraction mean the propensity for hazard is significant if tailings damns are not properly managed. Populations from Peru too the Balkans often say an emphatic "No" to gold mining seeing a world of dead crops and fish before them. Mining without using cyanide and mercury is a holy grail long searched for by the industry but never really economically achieved with a solution that can be repeated across a range of different projects.

DST are looking to commission a new test plant by the end of 2014 to bulk trial material using a hydrometallurgical/chlorination process for extracting base and precious metals from ores, concentrates and tailings. The plant has cost $27 million partly funded by a $5 million grant from the Sustainable Development Technology Canada Foundation

The journey to this test plant construction has involved to DST test 50 different gold deposits, both oxide and sulfide ores. The Company claims gold recoveries in excess of 90%, using chlorination instead of cyanide. In our ignorance and lack of ability to find the data on the website, CSR21 would be interested to hear from the Company about why chlorine will not become an issue in its own right. Obviosuly the 'Sustainable Development Technology Canada Foundation' dont think so but we would be interested...