Emerge Poverty Free launch crowdfunder for street children

Friday, 28 March, 2014

Our friends over at Emerge Poverty Free, whom more astute readers will remember we interviewed back in December, contacted us this morning. They've just launched a new project with an innovative funding approach: for  the first time ever, they're attempting to crowd fund a campaign. While this approach is fairly common in bizdev circles it's still unusual in the development spehere and we'll watch with interest to see how it pans out. .

This campaign is for Emerge Poverty Free's Street Children Programme in Burundi (called ‘ From House to Home’) and is about reintegrating children forced to live on the streets back into safe loving family homes. Their logic is that "this element of the project is vital as this [movement into family homes] is the moment that the solution to helping children get off of the streets – becomes long lasting, it becomes a sustainable solution."
The fundraising target is pretty modest: £4,600, which will cover the care costs involved in ensuring that 20 boys and 20 girls are moved into homes this year. To donate and learn more click here: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/Street-Children-In-Burundi