Audio Interview: Mohammed Bougei Attah, WANGO

Friday, 20 December, 2013 recently picked up the phone to Mr Mohammed Bougei Attah, Africa Regional Coordinator of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations, or WANGO.  While it was a bit of a bad line from London to a mobile connection in Nigeria, the interview - or rather, more of a discussion - came out well. Please forgive the occasional click, crackle and pop, and check out the link below to hear Mr Attah's thoughts on: 

- What WANGO is and what it does (0:18)

- International partnerships between NGOs, the private sector and communities (1:15) and their relevance to development (2:31)

- Recent financial crises increasing the need for private sector to relate to communities (3:18)

- His work with the Nigerian oil sector on the EITI (4:11)

- The role of the private sector in ensuring that civil society taps into all available opportunities (4:41)

- Whether extractives are a big theme in development in Africa (5:52)

- Whether the future for transparency and partnership between the extractives industries and civil society (10:07)