Areva appoint new head in Niger

Monday, 4 August, 2014

A quick one relating to our old friends Areva and their doings and schemings in Niger, often featured in these pages.

We learn via RFI (French) that last Thursday the company appointed Abdoulaye Issa of Niger as head of its subsidiary Somaïr, the first operating uranium exploitation company in Niger. 

This appointment is a first step towards meeting the Niamey (the capital city)’s demand for the “Nigérisation" of senior executives of mining companies operating on its soil, and hopefully marks an ends to controversy surrounding Areva’s management positions.

Issa, whose appointment was made after consensus between Areva and Niamey, has a long history of mining uranium. A chemical engineer, he joined Somaïr in 1991 and has held several positions, including as head of the Mineral Processing department and Director of Operations in 2005.

Here's hoping that under his leadership Areva's work in Niger - so long a source of negative stories - can be turned to everybody's mutual benefit.