Amec Foster Wheeler & sustainability reporting

Press release alert!  but the CSR21 team is about to set of for further shores for a week or so and there's just time to ship this on in its raw form - more momentum building, we hope sincerely, behind the notion that 'sustainability' and 'resources' belong not only in the same sentence but possibly also in the same clause. Press release alert!


Amec Foster Wheeler makes sustainability reporting more accessible with its first combined strategy since the acquisition of Foster Wheeler last year

Shell PR round up - not great

Not a great couple of weeks for Shell this—at least not, perhaps, for the public perception thereof. 

Where you stand on the Arctic brouhaha might determine your assessment of whether the company plans to drill there are good or bad, but regardless of individual stances recent highly visible protests have brought the naysayers to the public eye in a fashion that’s increasingly uncomfortable for the company.

"Africa Should Consider Local Companies in Mining, Petroleum Negotiations"

An interesting piece popped up in the feeds today from AllAfrica, which picked up an article run in the Ethiopian Herald entitled “Africa Should Consider Local Companies in Mining, Petroleum Negotiations”. 

While not a world shaking contention, and nor is the article in which the argument is made particularly incisive or well written, it’s nonetheless a neat reminder of the growing belief that supply chain reform is a golden area in which the aims and needs of countries, development organisations, mines, local business and tax raising jurisdictions coincide. 


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