Happy New Year: InvestorIntel suggests 5 reasons to be cheerful

Monday, 5 January, 2015

—By Mark Nunn

Happy New Year, all.

Bringing the site back up to pace slowly after our Christmas break, here's a little note to point you in the direction of somebody else's good (and seasonally optimistic) work: via InvestorIntel, Christopher Ecclestone’s “Five Reasons [for mining types] to be Cheerful in 2015.”

Those reasons (subheads only, so you go on over and read the real stuff here):

1. A Better Year for Base Metals
2. Enhanced M&A
3. Stability in Gold and Silver
4. The Oil Eclipse “Bonanza”
5. Rotation into Mining

It’s good fun, irreverent stuff. Here’s a taster from the conclusion.

It’s too easy for us to claim things can’t get worse, as 2014 was so grim but those who remember the late 1970s, would not be so fast to make such a claim. However, we are, at least, not in an era of stagflation.

The current situation appears to us to be rather binary. Either Western economies will drift into a sort of perma-recession (the economic zombies… undead, but not alive either) or the nascent recovery in those that are bubbling (plus those emerging economies that are NOT QE-junkies) combined with the oil price “dividend” will kick start a period of modest but broader growth spreading through the more torpid of the European economies. Simply put better economies and more money on the table (and in the pockets) of Western consumers will lift the mining space in 2015.

- See more at: http://investorintel.com/rare-earth-intel/five-reasons-cheerful-2015-edi...

As for us, well, we’ll be back with more of the usual this week as we warm up for what will no doubt be a very eventful 2015.

Bonne Année!