CSR21’s Community Relations Survey provides insight into how extractive companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (main board and AIM) are reporting on their community and social relations work.

In keeping with CSR21’s focus on Land Citizenship, we have looked specifically at the community and social relations of mining, oil and gas companies, and not at environmental work, health and safety standards, or anti-corruption measures. This survey was conducted over a one-month period with the aim of providing an overview of the quality of CSR reporting by extractives companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (main board and AIM)

Please download our full eight-page report here for explanation of our methods, in depth discussion, and analysis.

CSR21 Transparency Index

Our complete table of results is reproduced below, assessing public availability of the following important information: 

• Disclosed expenditure on CSR projects

• Demonstrated existence of CSR projects

• Distribution of capital per region

• Evidence that CSR is designed on the basis of community liaison

• Availability of a company sustainability report

• Updating of company CSR information more frequently than annually

• Commitment or membership to or of guiding principles

• Statement of set revenue allocated to CSR

• Existence of a company sustainability statement

Disclosed expenditure on CSR projects?Demonstrated CSR projects?Shown how capital was allocated per region?CSR designed from community liaisonSustainability report?Updated CSR more than annually?Disclosed membership/ commitment to guiding principles?Set percentage of revenues to CSR?Market cap (£m)CSR or Sustainability statement?Total Index ScoreRegion
3legs Resources Plcnnnnnnnn19.5n0EuropeOil & Gas
Afren Plcnynnnnnn1,605.14y2Africa, AsiaOil & Gas
African Barrick Gold Plcyyyyynyy1,024.39y8AfricaMining
African Copper Plcnnnnnnnn11.88n0AfricaMining
African Minerals Ltdnnnnnnnn235.17n0AfricaMining
African Potash Ltdnnnnnnnn9.97n0AfricaMining
Alba Mineral Resources Plcnnnnnnnn2n0EuropeMining
Altona Energy Plcnnnnnnnn7.52n0AustraliaOil & Gas
Amara Miningnynynnnn83.5y3AfricaMining
Amerisur Resources Plcnnnnnnnn692.02n0S. AmericaMining
Aminex Plcnnnynnyn16.72y3S. AmericaOil & Gas
Amur Minerals Corpnnnnnnnn14.87n0EuropeMining
Anglesey Mining Plcnnnnnnnn4.82n0N. AmericaMining
Anglo American Plcyyyyynyn1,607.50y7S. America, Africa, N. America, Australia, AsiaMining
Anglo Asian Mining Plcnnnnnnnn16.85n0EuropeMining
Anglogold Ashanti Ltdæ*yynyynyy4,038.39y7Australia, N. America, S. America, Africa,Mining
Antofagasta Plcyynynnyn8,192.47y5S. AmericaMining
Antrim Energy Incæ*nnnnnnnn5.75n0EuropeOil & Gas
OAO Tatneftyynnynnn7,854.50y4Europe, Asia, AfricaOil & Gas
Aquarius Platinum Ltdnnnnnnnn373.74n0AfricaMining
Argos Resources Ltd-dinnnnnnnn28.09y1S. AmericaOil & Gas
Arian Silver Corpæ*nnnnnnnn13.18n0S. AmericaMining
Ariana Resources Plcnynynnnn5.3y3EuropeMining
Asia Resource Mineralsnnnnnnnn171.08y1AsiaMining
Ascent Resources Plcnnnnnnnn7.62n0EuropeOil & Gas
Atlantic Coal Plcnnnnnnnn5.83n0N. AmericaOil & Gas
Aureus Mining Incæ*nnnnnnnn71.18n0AfricaMining
Aurum Mining Plcnnnnnnnn2.12y1EuropeMining
Avocet Mining Plcnnnnnnnn15.94y1AfricaMining
Azonto Petroleumnynnnnnn11.26y2AfricaOil & Gas
Bahamas Petroleum Co Plcnynyynnn46.76y4N. AmericaOil & Gas
Bankers Petroleum Ltdæ*nynyynnn966.14y4Europe, N. AmericaOil & Gas
Baobab Resources Plcnnnnnnnn35.95n0AfricaMining
Baron Oilnnnnnnnn15.2y1S. AmericaOil & Gas
Beacon Hill Resources Plcnnnnnnnn7.31n0Australia, AfricaMining
Bellzone Mining Plcnynyynnn21.38y4AfricaMining
Beowulf Mining Plcnnnnnnyn12.73y2EuropeMining
Berkeley Mineral Resources Pnynnnnnn16.23y2AfricaMining
Berkeley Resources Ltdæ*nnnnnnyn27.96y0EuropeMining
Bezant Resources Plcnnnnnnnn6.5n0S. America, Africa, AsiaMining
Bg Group Plcyynyynyn42,915.95y5Europe, S. America, N. America, Asia, Australia, AfricaOil & Gas
Bhp Billiton Plcæ*yynyyyyn43,392.52y6Europe, S. America, N. America, Asia, Australia, AfricaMining
Bisichi Mining Plcnynynnyn11.74y4AfricaMining
Black Mountain Resourcesnnnnnnnnn0N. AmericaMining
Bluerock Diamondsnnnnnnnnn0AfricaMining
Borders & Southern Petroleumnnnnnnnn54.46y1S. AmericaOil & Gas
Botswana Diamonds Plcnnnnnnnn4.22y1AfricaMining
Bowleven Plcnnnnnnnn109.42n0AfricaOil & Gas
Bp Plcyyyyynyn91,999.17y7Europe, S. America, N. America, Asia, Australia, AfricaOil & Gas
Bullabulling goldnnnnnnnn14.92n0AustraliaMining
Bushveld Mineralsnnnnnnnn16.27y1AfricaMining
Cadogan Petroleum Plcnnnnnnyn21.09y2EuropeOil & Gas
Cairn Energy Plcyynynnyn1,080.50y5Africa, Europe, N. AmericaOil & Gas
Caledonia Mining Corpæ*nnnnnnnn25.02n0AfricaMining
Caza Oil & Gasnnnnnnnn50.23n0N. AmericaOil & Gas
Centamin Plcnynyynyn693.99y5AfricaMining
Central Rand Goldnnnnnnyn7.71y2AfricaMining
Central Asia Metals Plcyynynnyn141.31y5AsiaMining
Chaarat Gold Holdings Ltdyynnnnnn25.05y3AsiaMining
Chariot Oil & Gas Ltdnnnnnnnn38.41y1AfricaOil & Gas
China Africa Resources Plcnnnnnnnn5.65n0AfricaMining
China Nonferrous Goldnnnnnnnn110.47n0AsiaMining
Churchill Mining Plcnnnnnnnn22.41n0AsiaMining
Circle Oil Plcnynnnnnn127.46y2Africa, AsiaOil & Gas
Clontarf Energy Plcnnnnnnnn1.09n0Africa, S. AmericaOil & Gas
Coal Of Africa Ltdæ*yynynnnn42.98y4AfricaMining
Condor Resources Plcnnnnnnnn27.02n0S. AmericaMining
Connemara Mining Company Plcnnnnnnnn1.34y1EuropeMining
Conroy Gold And Natural Resonnnnnnnn5.63n0EuropeMining
Continental Coal Ltdæ*nynnnnnn8.12y2AfricaMining
Copper Development Corp-dinnnnnnnn0.92n0AsiaMining
Diamondcorp Plcnynnnnnn17.51y2AfricaMining
Dragon Oil Plcyynnnnnn3,101.90y3Asia, AfricaOil & Gas
Eastern Platinum Ltdæ*nnnynnnn35.98n1AfricaMining
Ecr Minerals Plcnnnnnnnn8.31n0N. America, Asia, S. AmericaMining
Edenville Energy Plcnynnnnnn3.14y2AfricaMining
Edge Resourcesnnnnnnnn16.18n0N. AmericaOil & Gas
Egdon Resources Plcnnnnnnnn35.01y1EuropeOil & Gas
Eland Oil and Gasnynnnnnn161.04y2AfricaOil & Gas
Emed Mining Public Ltdnnnnnnnn97.24y1EuropeMining
Empyrean Energy Plcnnnnnnnn34.32y1N. AmericaOil & Gas
Endeavour International Corpæ*nnnnnnnn221.12y1N. America, EuropeOil & Gas
Enegi Oil Plcyynnnnnn9.21y3N. America, EuropeOil & Gas
Energy Xxi Bermudayynnnnnn1,074.49y3N. AmericaOil & Gas
Enquest Plcyynnnnyn1,112.49y4EuropeOil & Gas
Essar Energy Plcyyyyynyn912.41y7Asia, Africa, EuropeOil & Gas
Eurasia Mining Plcnnnnnnnn4.83y1EuropeMining
Europa Oil & Gas Holdingsnnnnnnnn15.88n0EuropeOil & Gas
Evraz Plcyynnnnnn1,517.07y3Europe, N. America, AfricaMining
Exillon Energy Plcnynnnnnn222.89y2EuropeOil & Gas
Falkland Oil & Gas Ltdnnnnnnnn140.05y1S. AmericaOil & Gas
Finnaust Miningnnnnnnnn7.1n0EuropeMining
Faroe Petroleum Plcnnnnnnnn292.65n0EuropeOil & Gas
Fastnet Oil and Gasnnnnnnnn19n0Europe, AfricaOil & Gas
Ferrex Plcnnnnnnnn14.01y1AfricaMining
Ferrexpo Plcnynnnnnn818.78y2EuropeMining
Ferrum Crescent Ltdæ*nnnynnnn3.14y2AustraliaMining
Firestone Diamonds Plcnynnnnnn27.37y2AfricaMining
First Quantum Minerals Ltdæ*nyyyynyn7,225.93y6S. America, Europe, Africa, AustraliaMining
Forte Energy Nlæ*nnnnnnnn5.24n0Africa, AustraliaMining
Fresnillo Plcnynynnyn6,285.50y4S. AmericaMining
Frontera Resources Corpnnnnnnnn13.92y1EuropeOil & Gas
Frontier Mining Ltdnnnnnnnn20.94n0AsiaMining
Galantas Gold Corpæ*nnnnnnnn2.18y1EuropeMining
Galileo Resources Plcnnnnnnnn9.02y1AfricaMining
Gasol Plcnnnnnnnn5.49y1AfricaOil & Gas
Gem Diamonds Ltdyynyynyn265.95y6AfricaMining
Gemfields Plcnynnnnnn218.7y2AfricaMining
Genel Energy Plcnynynnnn2,872.54y3Africa, EuropeOil & Gas
Glencore Xstratanynyynyn48,685.08y5Europe, S. America, N. America, Asia, Australia, AfricaMining
Global Energy Developme-regsnnnnnnnn25.65n0S. AmericaOil & Gas
Kemin Resourcesnnnnnnnn11.4y1AsiaMining
Goldplat Plcnynnnnnn7.33y2AfricaMining
Goldstone Resources Ltdnnnnnnnn1.96n0AfricaMining
Great Eastern Energ-gdr Regsnynnnnnn155.16y2AsiaOil & Gas
Great Western Mining Corp Plæ*nnnnnnnn1.76n0N. AmericaMining
Greatland Gold Plcnnnnnnnn2.4n0AustraliaMining
Green Dragon Gas Ltdnynnnnnn713.43y2AsiaOil & Gas
Griffin Mining Limitednnnnnnnn53.26n0AsiaMining
Gulf Keystone Petroleum Ltdnynyyyny835.6y6Africa, AsiaOil & Gas
Gulfsands Petroleum Plcnynnnnnn83.11y2Africa, Asia, Europe, S. AmericaOil & Gas
Goldbridges Global Resourcesnnnynnnn69.1y2AsiaMining
Golden Saint Resourcesnnnnnnnn19.43n0AfricaMining
Hardy Oil & Gas Plcnynnnnnn58.46y2AsiaOil & Gas
Herencia Resources Plcnnnnnnnn8.99n0Asia, S. AmericaMining
Heritage Oil Plcyynnynyn876.02y6Asia, Europe, AfricaOil & Gas
Highland Gold Mining Ltdnnnnnnnn200.01y1EuropeMining
Hochschild Mining Plcyynyynnn584.61y5S. AmericaMining
Horizonte Minerals Plcnynynnnn26.07y3S. AmericaMining
Hummingbird Resources Plcnynnnnyn27.66y3AfricaMining
Hurricane Energynnnnnnnn282.77n0EuropeOil & Gas
Hwange Colliery Company Ltdnynnnnnn0y2AfricaMining
Igas Energy Plcyynynnyn274.92y5EuropeOil & Gas
Independent Resources Plcnnnnnnnn2.86y1EuropeOil & Gas
Indus Gas Ltdnnnnnnnn832.53n0AsiaOil & Gas
Infrastrata Plcynnynnnn9.2y3EuropeOil & Gas
International Ferro Metalsnynynnyn52.08y4AfricaMining
Ithaca Energy Incæ*nnnnnnnn470.23n0EuropeOil & Gas
Jkx Oil & Gas Plcnynynnnn103.03y3EuropeOil & Gas
Jubilant Energy Nv-dinynnnnnn36.43y2Asia, AustraliaOil & Gas
Jubilee Platinum Plcnnnynnnn8.78y2Africa, AustraliaMining
Jupiter Energy Ltd-diæ*nnnnnnnn32.59n0AsiaOil & Gas
Kalimantan Gold Corp Ltd-d/inynyyynn1.97y5IndonesiaMining
Karelian Diamond Resourcesnnnnnnnn6.38n0EuropeMining
Kazakhmys Plcyynnnnnn1,228.36y3AsiaOil & Gas
Kazmunaigasyynynnyn3,667.40y5AsiaOil & Gas
Kea Petroleum Plcnnnnnnnn12.76y1AustraliaOil & Gas
Kefi Minerals Plcnnnnnnnn15.15y1Asia, EuropeMining
Kenmare Resources Plcyynynnnn292.1y4AfricaMining
Kibo Mining Plcnnnnnnnn4.28y1AfricaMining
Kirkland Lake Gold Incæ*nynnnnnn108.73y2N. AmericaMining
Kodal Mineralsnnnnnnnn3.2n0EuropeMining
Kolar Gold Plcnnnnnnnn4.12n0AsiaMining
China Nonferrous Goldnnnnnnnn102.85y1AsiaMining
Landore Resources Ltdnnnnnnnn10.85y1N. AmericaMining
Lansdowne Oil & Gas Plcnnnnnnnn23.19n0EuropeOil & Gas
Lekoilnnnnnnnn244.96n0AfricaOil & Gas
Leni Gas & Oil Plcnynnnnnn32.84y2Europe, N. AmericaOil & Gas
Leyshon Resources Ltdæ*nnnnnnnn1.82y1AsiaMining
London Mining Plcnynyynnn60.22y4Asia, N. America, AfricaMining
Lonmin Plcyynyynnn1,496.53y5AfricaMining
Lp Hill Plcnnnnnnnn13.34n0AfricaMining
Lukoil Oaoæ*yynnnnnn34,815.00y3Asia, Europe, S. America, AfricaOil & Gas
Madagascar Oil Ltdnynyynnn92.34y4AfricaOil & Gas
Magnolia Petroleum Plcnnnnnnnn11.38n0N. AmericaOil & Gas
Maple Energy Plcnynynynn20.52y4S. AmericaOil & Gas
Mariana Resources Ltdnnnnnnnn13.36y1S. AmericaMining
Max Petroleum Plcyynnnnnn23.93y3AsiaOil & Gas
Mediterranean Oil & Gas Plcnnnnnnnn29.12y1EuropeOil & Gas
Metals Exploration Plcnynnnnnn103.12y2AsiaMining
Metminco Ltdæ*nnnnnnnn19.24y1S. AmericaMining
Minco Plcnnnnnnnn9.32n0N. America, EuropeMining
Minera Irl Ltdnynnnnny18.08y3S. AmericaMining
Mwana Africa Plcnynynnnn25.51y3AfricaMining
Namibian Resources Plcnnnnnnnn1.38n0AfricaMining
Natasa Mining Ltdæ*nnnnnnnn9.58n0N. AmericaMining
Ncondezi Energyyynynnyy13.17y6AfricaMining
New World Oil And Gas Plcnnnnnnnn4.89n0Europe, S.AmericaOil & Gas
New World Resources Plcyynynnny85.35y6EuropeMining
Nighthawk Energy Plcnnnnnnnn119.47y1N. AmericaOil & Gas
Nord Gold Nv-gdr 144aæ*yynyynny360.31y6Africa, Asia, EuropeMining
Noricum Gold Ltd-dinnnnnnnn6.84n0EuropeMining
Northcote Energynnnnnnnn7.99n0N. AmericaOil & Gas
North River Resources Plcnnnnnnnn7.77n0AfricaMining
Northern Petroleum Plcnnnnnnnn25.99y1EuropeOil & Gas
Nostra Terra Oil & Gas Connnnnnnn8.47n0N. AmericaOil & Gas
Nostrum Oil & Gasynnnnnnn1,432.20y2AsiaOil & Gas
Novolipetsk Steel-gdr 144aæ*yyyyynnn6,431.00y6Europe, N. America, AsiaMining
Nyota Minerals Ltdæ*yynynnnn2.43y4AfricaMining
Obtala Resources Ltdnnnnnnyn30.42y2AfricaMining
Oil and Gas Development Co.nnnnnnnn680.81n0AsiaOil & Gas
Oilex Ltdæ*nnnnnnnn36.94y1AsiaOil & Gas
Ophir Energy Plcyynnnnnn1,481.40y3AfricaOil & Gas
Oracle Coalfields Plcnnnnnnnn5.48y1AsiaMining
Ormonde Mining Plcnnnnnnnn17.07n0EuropeMining
Orogen Gold Plcnnnnnnnn3.83n0Europe, AsiaMining
Orosur Mining Incæ*nynynnnn9.67y3S. AmericaMining
Orsu Metals Corpnnnnnnnn4.8y1AsiaMining
Ortac Resources Ltdyynynnnn5.16y4EuropeMining
Ovoca Gold Plcnnnnnnnn5.97n0EuropeMining
Oxus Gold Plcnnnnnnnn12.5n0AsiaMining
Pan African Resources Plcyynnnnyn260.77y4AfricaMining
Pantheon Resources Plcnnnnnnnn18.38n0N. AmericaOil & Gas
Papua Miningnnnnnnnn9.98n0AsiaMining
Paragon Diamonds Ltdnnnnnnyn12.08y2AfricaMining
Parkmead Group Plcnnnnnnnn197.39n0EuropeOil & Gas
Patagonia Gold Plcnnnnnnnn72.35y1S. AmericaMining
Pathfinder Minerals Plcæ*nnnynnnn4.67y2AfricaMining
Peninsular Gold Ltdnnnnnnnn5.37y1AsiaMining
Petra Diamonds Ltdyyyyynyn839.35y7AfricaMining
Petrel Resources Plcnnnnnnnn10.34y1Europe, Africa, AsiaOil & Gas
Petro Matad Ltdyynynnnn8.73y4AsiaOil & Gas
Petroceltic Internationalnnnnnnnn289.89y1Africa, Europe, AsiaOil & Gas
Petroneft Resources Plcnnnnnnnn39.66n0EuropeOil & Gas
Petropavlovsk Plcyynyynnn108.21y5EuropeOil & Gas
Polymetal International Plcyynyynyn2,066.15y6Asia, RussiaMining
Polyus Goldnnnnnnnn5,670.10y2EuropeMining
Premier African Mineralsnynnnnnn4.76n1AfricaMining
Premier Gold Resourcesnnnnnnnn1.63y1AsiaMining
Premier Oil Plcyyyyynyn1,803.31y7Europe, S. America, Africa, AsiaOil & Gas
President Energynnnnnnnn144.39y1S. America, AustraliaOil & Gas
Providence Resources Plcnnnnnnnn87.75n0EuropeOil & Gas
Quadrise Fuels Internationalnnnnnnnn247.21y1S. America, Europe, Asia,Oil & Gas
Rambler Metals And Mining Plnnnnnnnn36.58n0N. AmericaMining
Randgold Resources Ltdyyyyynnn4,237.41y6AfricaMining
Range Resources Ltdæ*nnnnnnnn65.26n0Europe, Africa, N. America, S. AmericaOil & Gas
Red Emperor Resources Nlæ*nnnnnnnn9.82n0Africa, EuropeOil & Gas
Red Rock Resources Plcnynynnyn4.28y4Africa, N. AmericaMining
Regal Petroleum Plcnnnnnnnn28.46n0EuropeOil & Gas
Regency Mines Plcnynynnnn3.61y3Australia, Asia, AfricaMining
Republic GoldfieldsSite issuesMining
Richland Resources Ltdyynyyynn3.74y6AfricaMining
Rio Tinto Plcæ*yynyynyn43,227.66y6Europe, S. America, N. America, Asia, Australia, AfricaMining
Rosneftyynyynnn40,361.58y5EuropeOil & Gas
Rockhopper Exploration Plcnnnnnnnn255.03n0S. AmericaOil & Gas
Roxi Petroleum Plcyyynnnnn42.84y4AsiaOil & Gas
Royal Dutch Shell Plc-A Shsæ*yynyynyn93,341.37y6Europe, S. America, N. America, Asia, Australia, AfricaOil & Gas
Ruspetro Plcyynnnnnn48.34y3EuropeOil & Gas
Sable Mining Africa Ltdnnnnnnnn69.28y1AfricaMining
Sacoil Holding Ltdæ*nnnnnnnn83.33y1AfricaOil & Gas
Salamander Energy Plcyyyynnnn346.46y5AsiaOil & Gas
San Leon Energy Plcnnnnnnnn52.91y1Europe, AfricaOil & Gas
Savannah Resourcesnnnnnnnn7.46y1AfricaMining
Scotgold Resources Ltdæ*nnnnnnnn2.51n0EuropeMining
Sefton Resources Incnnnnnnnn0.93n0N. AmericaMining
Seplat Petroleum Development Co.nynyynyy1,444.14y6AfricaOil & Gas
Serabi Gold Plcnynynnnn2.51y3S. AmericaMining
Serica Energy Plcnnnnnnnn28.77n0Europe, Africa, AsiaOil & Gas
Shanta Gold Ltdnynynnnn65.01y3AfricaMining
Sierra Rutile Ltdnynnnnnn252.3y2AfricaMining
Sirius Minerals Plcnynnnnyy224.9y4Australia, N. America, EuropeMining
Sirius Petroleum Plcnnnnnnyn28.83y2AfricaOil & Gas
Soco International Plcyynynnyn1,378.76y5Africa, AsiaOil & Gas
Solgoldnynnnnnn49.37n1S. America, Asia, AustraliaMining
Sound Oil Plcnnnnnnyn39.44y2EuropeOil & Gas
Sovereign Mines Of Africa Plnynnnnnn3.03y2AfricaMining
Stellar Diamonds Plcnynnnnnn6.78y2AfricaMining
Sterling Energy Plcnnnnnnnn61.95y1AfricaOil & Gas
Stilfontein Gold Miningno site0
Strategic Minerals Plcnnnnnnnn4.81y1Australia, N. AmericaMining
Strategic Natural Resourcesnnnnnnnn6.62n0AfricaMining
Stratex International Plcnnnnnnnn13.19n0Africa, AsiaMining
Sula Iron and Goldnnnnnnnn6.9n0AfricaMining
Sunkar Resources Plcyynnnnnn5.97y3AsiaMining
Sunrise Resources Plcnnnnnnnn2.51y1Europe, AustraliaMining
Sylvania Platinum Ltdæ*nnnnnnnn19.55y1AfricaMining
Tangiers Petroleumnnnnnnnn29.79n0AfricaOil & Gas
Tertiary Minerals Plcnnnnnnnn9.1n0EuropeMining
Tethys Petroleum Ltdæ*nynnnnnn69.31y2AsiaOil & Gas
Thor Mining Plcnnnnnnnn3.07y1AustraliaMining
Tomco Energy Plcnnnnnnyn24.4y2N. AmericaOil & Gas
Total Saæ*yynyynyn100,871.05y6Europe, S. America, N. America, AfricaOil & Gas
Tower Resources Plcnnnnnnnn33.88n0AfricaOil & Gas
Trinity Exploration & Productionnnnnnnnn85.08y1Africa, N.AmericaOil & Gas
Tullow Oil Plcyyyyynyn7,881.55y7AfricaOil & Gas
Umc Energy Plcnnnnnnnn13.32n0AsiaOil & Gas
Union Jack Oilnnnnnnnn5.63n0EuropeOil & Gas
Urals Energy Public Co Ltdnnnnnnnn12.31n0EuropeOil & Gas
Uranium Resources Plcnnnnnnnn6.15n0AfricaMining
Vatukoula Gold Mines Plcyynnnnnn7.77y3AustraliaMining
Vedanta Resources Plcyyyyynyn2,938.78y7Europe, S. America, Asia, Australia, AfricaMining
Victoria Oil & Gas Plcnnnnnnyn55.23y2AfricaOil & Gas
Volga Gas Plcnnnnnnnn107.35y1EuropeOil & Gas
Weatherly International Plcnnnnnnnn17.92n0AfricaMining
Wentworth Resources Ltd-cdiæ*nnnnnnnn71.51y1AfricaMining
Wessex Exploration Plcnnnnnnnn3.42n0EuropeOil & Gas
West African Minerals Corp.nnnnnnnn18.84n0AfricaMining
Wishbone Goldnnnnnnnn3.6n0AustraliaMining
Wolf Minerals Ltd-diæ*nnnnnnnn127.12y1EuropeMining
Xcite Energy Ltdnnnnnnnn184.33n0EuropeOil & Gas
Zanaga Iron Ore Co Ltd-dinnnnnnnn49.42y1AfricaMining